HexaGold.   Engineered Process Equipment

Pressurised Elution Plants

Gold Elution Plants.
Pressurised, 24 hour Elutions.  6-8mm Shells. and Condensor.  10mm thick top and botomn flanges. 
300kg. 500kg. 600kg. 1000kg.  Others to your specifications. 


Head Gears and Hoists. 
18m head gears.   10m Head Gears.  6m Head gears.  4X7m Shaft Sinking Head Gears.
Head gears for vertical shafts and inclined shafts.  Eight installed nations wide. Contact us for references. 

4X7m Brisdge and Tower Head gears.   Are very good for shaft sinking.
You collect in the workshop in the morning,  
by end of day you will be hoisting. 
More than five of these installed in the country. 
Silobela, Kadoma, Shurugwi, ….
Whatsapp us for references. 




Carbon Tanks. 
For Heap Leach Operations,  and Vat Leach (Cyanidation) Operations. Recommended flow rate 1-2 minutes per meter upwards in the tank when using CopCarb 6X12 Carbon. The Indian or Chinese Version.
10 bag (250kg carbon), 20bag (500kg carbon)
We have more than twenty sets installed in Nationwide. Thats more than fifty tanks. WhatsApp for references. 


Hammers Mills.
We have taken the Chinese Standard Hammer Mill, and made a much stronger one with:
8mm MS Plate. 10mm MS liners. 6X3 channel Frame. and Excellent Welding. 
We have supplied dozens of them. We normally keep five to six in stock.